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Will  I be able to afford?

There is minimal to no upfront cost. You only lease the devices from us. You pay only for the devices you use. We charge per device/day. 


Does your platform improve staff responsiveness?

Operational efficiency is dramatically increased when guests are enabled to drive their own service experience. Guests can communicate with the servers via our handheld and order and pay when they want, allowing your staff to focus their efforts on providing great service at the table. 


Will the DEW Butler Phones distract my servers from actually doing their jobs?

Quite opposite. The DEW Butler phones will enable restaurant staff to see all tablet-based orders in real time, review and approve orders before they are sent to the kitchen.  The phones also alert the staff, when a guest wants some help or bring their check.   


If something happens to the hardware, how can I get help?

We provide unmatched service and support through our North American network of service operators and customer service team. We will be there when everything is working smoothly and more importantly, when it's not.


Can the platform improve my marketing efforts?

Absolutely! Custom electronic menus enhance your brand. It will let you feature specials and events more effectively. Use DEW Butler Owner Console to create/change menus; create/change promotions in real time from anywhere. 

Are we still able to use our menus with your platform?

We aren’t going to replace paper menus, we give your guests a choice.  In fact, with our platform you can modify an item, picture, description or price whenever you want in a single location or across all locations. Our digital menu lets you showcase your menu like never before.

Those tablets look pretty fragile, no? 

Our 10" DEW Butler Tabletops, use the industry's best tablets. They are restaurant-hardened and portable. They are easy to share at the table and offer a superior menu and gaming experience for your guests


My guests are concerned with payment and possible fraudulent charges. How do you address that issue?

Credit card swipe directly on the tablet allows guests to pay when they want and take control of their own experience, and their card never leaves their hand.  An encrypted card reader provides for secure transactions on our tablet which offers high security for card data, with no exposed ports. Looking ahead to 2015, our payment system will be a chip card (EMV) enabled so partnering with us represents a secure and cost effective way for you to meet the EMV requirements.


What type of entertainment is in your catalog?

Our catalog is full of more than just games. We have a fully interactive entertainment experience which includes a premier options including real-time predictive sports, racing, fantasy sports, trivia, puzzles, word games, preschool-level games and everything in-between.  We use multiple TV’s in the restaurant to keep all of your guests engaged and entertained. 


Are the tablets able to provide us with guest feedback?

It's challenging to get your guests to go online and provide feedback.  With our customer survey you will hear from your guests while they are still in the restaurant. And if they had a bad experience you can talk with the guest before it hits social media.


How can we get real-time data from using the platform?

Why isn’t that new burger selling?  Should we change price of the drink special?  Today you know what your customers ordered through your POS but you don’t know what they looked at, were interested in or even considered but didn’t order.  We are going to help you make better decisions on what items make and stay on your menu.  You will see real-time reports on your entire menu, every items down to the new winter brew you added yesterday.